Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to empower you to take control of your health and wellness through education and structured movement. We believe that achieving a state of physical wellness can unlock the pathways to happiness and fulfillment. We have developed the Genesis Wellness System™ to help those who are injured and those who want to reach their full potential for physical wellness.  Our hope is to create a more positive state of existence for each individual.

Who Can Benefit

The Genesis Wellness System can help all those aspiring to:

Why Genesis?

The Genesis Wellness System™ is a whole body transformation program that will restore you to your optimal posture for movement, reducing joint compression, maximizing joint stability and movement efficiency.  We have structured the program in such a way that it is often more affordable than traditional physical therapy. By reaching your physical wellness potential you will free up energy wasted on pain and muscle tightness while eliminating risk of re-injury.

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New Classes Offer this Winter

Genesis is rolling out some new class offerings this Winter; Functional Fitness class on Saturday’s at 7:00 am Functional Fitness class Monday mornings at 7:30 am Feldenkrais ATM on Saturday Read More


Genesis Wellness System